Simply set an Alarm and you are ready to go.

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About the App

It is simply a great Alarm Clock that you can use every day as you do with the one that is built-in your phone.

User have to chose from one of the Alarms that are provided from the phone

User can chose Date and Time for his next Alarm.

User don’t need to have the Alarm App working in order to use it.

More Info

This project contains the latest libraries from Google and a good MVVM Architecture with DataBinding.

The App uses Dagger2 for DI and SugarORM as internal DB.

The App will probably be available at some point at GitHub if there are enough requests.

The Project itself is a work in process but it contains all the futures that a normal AlarmClock should have.

I am currently using it every morning. It is a big of fear while waiting to get up but other than that is awesome.


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