Share and Get information about Fish and Dam in Bulgaria

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About the App

This app contains the latest information about Dam’s and Fish’s in Bulgaria.

You can use it to get all the updates about fish and dam, place and prices in Bulgaria.

The only purpose of this app is to help people who love to go fishing.

And to know more about the specific place they are going or get directions

The App works Online and Offline and everything is done in the background

The User can use the app to get information even when he is without no internet connection

Hope you love the app as i do.

What can you do?

With this app you can do the following:

You can share your catch

You can see what other people have caught and where

You can see all the Fish in Bulgaria

You can see all the Dam’s that we have information about

You can share other people catch in social networks

You can get a lot information about the specific Dam or Fish

You can use your own Navigation and get coordinate’s to the specific location


There are a lot reviews available on Google Play.


It is simply unique.

Kiril Ivanov