Advanced Sound Recorder that let you record even in the background!

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About the App

This project contains the latest libraries from Google and a good MVP Architecture. The App uses Dagger2 for DI. The App is available at GitHub. The project is made with the help of FFMPEG library for the option to convert to other audio files.

Info About Using the App:

App Support Recording in the Background

App will notify you when the recording is in background and the time of your recording

The app will save your recordings at the specified folder.

The app will allow you to listen to your recordings from the list.

Hope you enjoy the app!

What can you do?

Simple and practical recording functions.
Support recording in the background.
Displays the recording status in the notification bar.
Comfortable list management.
Support editing the saved recordings.
Use the graphical interface to display the audio band.
Set the recording as ringtone.
Send and share, delete the recordings.
Convert your recordings to MP3, AAC, WAV etc.
Chose your storage.
And more..


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