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About the App

This project contains the latest libraries from Google and a good MVP Architecture. The App uses Dagger2 for DI. The App uses CloudService and all the tools that are coming from it with a full integration.

It contains everything that the blog needed from their app. It strictly for Bulgarian users. It contains:

Synchronise Online & Offline, Notifications

Analytics, & CrashReports

LeakDetection & DataFlow

Observable – Flowable.

What can you do?

Users have Day/Night and most used Sepia/Night themes

Users have most used Fonts:

Helvetica, Times New Roman, Georgia and more

Users can also change size of text with a couple options:

Big, Medium, Small, Default and more

Read position is saved on rotation

And there is More?

Since the great architecture the app is available on almost all tablets and phones. It saves the user position when reading which can be horizontal and vertical.

The user can also do:

See all the chapters inside each book

Mark each chapter when he reads it

The menu hides when the user reads and it comes back when he need it

There is a new notification news system which store new notification.


The App Contains more than 500 reviews.You can check them at Google Play Store.


Amazing app it does everything i need. And i am in love with it! Thanks you very much.

Spaska Lazarova